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How to Choose the Shape and Specification of Steel Fiber?

Jul. 23, 2021

Steel fiber is usually used to mix with concrete, and then add it to concrete. The strength of concrete can be increased to a greater extent, so that it has a strong resistance to cracking. Once a concrete surface or internal crack occurs, the fiber will be able to cause such cracks. It is controlled within a certain range to prevent the expansion of cracks and increase the impact strength of the project. As a Concrete Steel Fiber Supplier, share with you.

Glued Hooked End Steel Fiber

Glued Hooked End Steel Fiber

Low-carbon steel fibers can be used to prepare steel fiber concrete for steel fiber concrete used at room temperature; while for fire-resistant steel fiber concrete, stainless steel fibers must be used. Adding proper amount of steel fiber to mortar or concrete can increase its tensile and flexural strength, and greatly improve its toughness and impact strength. The properties of steel fiber produced by different preparation methods of steel fiber manufacturers are different. Although steel fiber has not been around for a long time, it has become more and more widely used and more types. Whether it is specific, or small cracks inside large external cracks, it can play a very good fiber barrier, and the role is very clear, these cracks are easy to shrink due to the effect of steel fiber, but without steel fiber, then these small Cracks may become a potential threat to concrete.

The shape of the steel fiber plays a very important role in enhancing the strength of the matrix. It can better embed the steel fibers in the matrix, increase the bite force between them, and make the steel fibers difficult to be pulled out, thereby improving the crack resistance and strength of the matrix to a certain extent. Whether the bond strength between the matrix and the fiber is strong enough determines whether the steel fiber product can play its due role and efficiency. If the bonding strength between the two is not high enough, there is a potential risk of fibers being pulled out. In addition, the length and diameter of the steel fiber also have certain requirements. It should not be too long, otherwise it will cause the steel fiber clusters to gather together, it will not be easy to stir evenly, and it cannot be used normally, and it should not be too short, otherwise it will not play its due role; It should not be too thin, otherwise it is easy to break and cannot improve its protective strength, but it is a safety hazard to the matrix; naturally it should not be too thick, otherwise it will affect its curative effect.

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