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How to Make Steel Fiber Have Stronger Adhesion?

Aug. 09, 2021

As a Fibre Reinforced Concrete Manufacturer, share with you. Steel fiber is the most important industrial additive in engineering. Steel fiber for concrete In order to make the steel fiber more evenly dispersed in the mortar or concrete and increase the length-to-diameter ratio of the fiber, it is possible to use the steel fiber bonded together into a cluster by a water-soluble glue. Steel fiber can be manufactured by cold-drawn steel wire cutting, thin steel sheet shearing, steel block or ingot milling, and molten steel drawing. Low-carbon steel fibers can be used to prepare steel fiber concrete for steel fiber concrete used at room temperature; while for fire-resistant steel fiber concrete, stainless steel fibers must be used. Adding proper amount of steel fiber to mortar or concrete can increase its tensile and flexural strength, and greatly improve its toughness and impact strength. In order to improve the strength of concrete, we often add a large amount of steel fiber to improve the crack resistance and earthquake resistance of concrete.

High Tenacity Steel Fiber

High Tenacity Steel Fiber

In order to achieve this goal, it is not only necessary to improve the performance and quality of steel fibers, but also to make corresponding changes to its shape, by changing the shape of steel fibers, and then changing its performance. By changing its shape, you can make individual steel fibers more chimeric, which makes them stronger and more cohesive, which allows them to better bond with concrete.

When steel fiber is produced, the shape of the steel fiber can be changed, and the groove is pressed on the steel wire with a clamping roller, so that the produced steel fiber has a better embedding force, can be better combined with concrete, and can be better embedded The steel fiber clusters greatly increase the strength of the concrete.

This is the simplest method, and there is also a method. By bending the steel fiber into a water wave shape, and bending the steel fiber into a water shape by a clamping roller, the embedding force of the steel fiber becomes stronger, which is better than the previous method. Much, the ability to increase strength is very necessary.

In addition, there is a more important way, which is to look at the steel fiber that is pressed into a hook shape. This method can force the matched steel fiber to maximize. After adding the steel fiber, the strength will be far better than the previous two methods. By changing the shape, the performance of the steel fiber and the strength of the matrix can be improved, and a very common method of production and the treatment of the steel fiber can be changed after adding the steel fiber. Our company has High Tenacity Steel Fiber on sale, welcome to contact us.

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